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Wall Switches Are Withering Away Under the Impact of Smart Home

2012-04-28 13:43:08发布人:cj

Since industrial revolution, global electrical appliance industries have developed for many years because of the people’s requirements on electric control. Many famous enterprises are generated naturally. However, as IOT times arrived, people’s way of electric control has more choices, lights and electrical appliances are no longer limited to be controlled on the wall, you can also control them in your hand, on table, on bed etc. There are no differences from wall mounting, however, it is more convenient, interesting and safe. Those peaceful electrical appliance suppliers have seen the secret worries from the changes. According to relevant principal from Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd--- famous smart home enterprise, it is actually a new cruel shuffle in global industrial chain behind new technologies like IOT etc., IOT has changing the world in depth and width, compared to mobile devices and internet, it has far-reaching influences. It also affects global industrial structure to a great extent. Some slow response enterprises will disappear one after another, especially in electrician field.

The principal emphasizes, traditional wall switch is only a traditional form from IOT view today. The form of this kind not only increases potential safety risks of strong current on the wall, but also increase construction difficulty and the cost, because you need to connect the wires to the switch and then to the lights. He explains, wires only need to be connected to lighting fittings by using of IOT technology, there is no need to arrange the wires like webs inside the wall. Wring becomes simple in IOT times, but it has extremely powerful flexibility. If all families use IOT technology, two thirds copper wires can be saved in global, global resources and environments can be protected greatly. He also says in joking that wall switch is just a patch on the wall in family in disqualified technology times. The patch not only destroys the integrity and beauty of the wall, but also increases potential safety risks, because strong current is on your fingertips. Now, people can be far away from strong current by IOT technologies, they don’t need to worry all kinds of the risks if they closely encounter wall switch.

He claims, wall switch is a product of industrial revolution. It seems unnecessary in human’s IOT times, we observe that some suppliers are pushing out the wall switch with part of IOT technologies, however, their thinking still rest on last century. He further expresses that switch is an ubiquitous concept under the background of IOT smart home, it is fictitious, it appears to meet the needs and control anything. In IOT times, your motion, action, voice or even your thinking are certain type of the switches. As a global leading brand IOT smart home, we use the most reasonable manner to bring customers the most anticipated change. We predict that wall switch’s disappearance will be a hot discussion in future.

In the global scope, electrician industry has come down to a low side and labor concentrated industry. All industry’s development pace of innovation was resting on for many years. Suppliers can only do some minor details. According to the insiders, electrician industry has limited space on its development, especially on wall switch. How to make break through becomes a difficulty to the whole industry, the emerge of IOT smart home undoubtedly accelerates the shuffle in this industry.

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