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The Miracle of the Smart Locks

2012-05-02 20:28:21发布人:chenjian

Smart lock has been developed nearly ten years, however, it is only applied to few industry markets and does not gained a large-scale application. It has a tremendous difference according to its market share and it is really a puzzle which has been perplexed the lockset manufacturer for nearly ten years. It is known to all that any business model should follow a certain law. Under the circumstance that the technology is not mature and industrial chain is in the process of gestation, smart lock industries increases the market demand factitiously which caused the whole industry developing slowly and with a poor reputation finally. Today, IOT technology brings a new opportunity for the lock industry, which blend the IOT technology into lockset and gains a unprecedented reputation.

Therefore, Nanjing IOT Sensor is almost besieged by traditional lockset manufactures and customers requesting for cooperation emerge from the country or even all over the world. Reporters observe that traditional lockset manufactures only grasp door opening technologies like swiping the card or plugging the card. Some manufactures grasp very simple wireless technology or old fashioned wireless technologies, such as 433M which has low technology content, low security, chaotic standard and weak practicability. Majority of the lockset manufactures haven’t grasp the core technology, their locks which are produced by the similar ways are facing a powerful pressure of competition. Because of not complying with the international standard, the products are difficult to enter the international market.

Today, Internet of Things(IOT)develops rapidly and forms a international standard in many industries, all these provide the conditions for global industrial chains, for example, Zigbee HA standard of the Zigbee Alliance appears in families and buildings etc..Global standard like this brings unprecedented opportunities for development.

We understand that smart lock which has Zigbee wireless function can be opened via authorized smart phone. It is a good news for those who always forget their keys or do not like to bring the keys. The new smart lock has cloud storage ability, unlocking time and the smart phone which sending out the unlocking command can be recorded in cloud. Meanwhile, once the door is opened at any time, relevant mobile phone can receive the prompt info at once. No matter wherever your families are, they can know the door’s opening or closing.

In order to meet all kinds of the demands, we carry on more private things than before, such as key, wallet, bank card, mobile phone etc.. Among these, mobile phone is an dispensable thing and regarded as a modern communication tool. It is not only a phone itself, it is also the tool for social contact, payment, identify recognition or door opening. Even we can say, it is a succedaneum for others private things carried.

To image that the door can be opened just by your making gestures on mobile phone when you are back home; you just need to put your phone close to the door when you arrive at the hotel, the door can be opened by no need of taking the entrance card. These are not what we say the future life, they are new life experiences brought by IOT wireless smart lock.

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