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Home automation by IOT

2012-01-18 11:10:58发布人:cj

Home automation gets lots of doubts since it appeared.One reason is that most traditional home automation is wired, bringing complicated construction and difficult maintenance.The other reason is because once the installation is completed, it would be extremly inconvenient for scale expansion, which ties you with some engineering contractor no matter how much it will charge you or how it will serve you. You have no right to choose the replacement.The desired smart living system always get criticized due to all these shortages.According to statics, more than 73% home automation systems can’t be used normally, most of which have already gone useless.

IOT(Internet of things) becomes saviour for home automation industry.According to prediction from insider professionals, without spring breeze brought by IOT, most of domestic home automation enterprises will close down in coming years. Actually many enterprises can hardly continue with their business now. The reason why they are still in the market is because they take advantages of IOT chances this time and the facts that consumers haven’t known what IOT is exatly, to substitute stealthily IOT conception with their outmoded and laggard products. As a matter of fact, all these so-called home automation products are almost same as ones provided 5 years even 10 years ago. Taking an overview of the whole chaotic market, some companies, which have grasped real wireless IOT technologies, are unknown among all these mess.

To understand IOT development situation for home, journalists interviewed some famous home automation companies. All these companies have used global universal ZigBee HA protocol standard without exception,which have realized connection and communication between home appliances to the maximum extent. According to introduction from Control4 CEO WillWest, presently in north America market, Control4 products have occupied most parts, and it is actively developing Asia market especially Chinese market. To work for home IOT project of Chinese government, the company is working jointly with related partners to strengthen the marketing. In the meantime, it brought some mutural experiences to China. Mr. West took a very meaningful example, in north America, LCD in every family has become increasingly bad visual pollution resouse, which has broken quiet home ambient. If we can hide high technology in traditional house and home to be pratical and low key, existent and not bothering, has become the necessary question for home automation system.Currently Conrol4 is actively developing quiet, low key and more friendly touch panel to meet increasingly advanced demands from all over the world.

Acting as a new force suddenly rises in domestic market, Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd has its own understanding on IOT application for home. According to General Manager, Mr Zhu, with increasing development of urbanization in China,more people will choose renting house for living. So frequent house changing will become something reluctant for people.At that time,people only have 2 choices facing with the traditional home automation, one is to stop using it throughly,the other is to give up. While, IOT home automation products can be moved and redeployed very conveniently just as your laptop rather than be given up,which can protect consumers’ belonged investment to make many white-collars in the city enjoy brand-new experiences brought by home automation. Moreover, IOT wireless home automaiton function is easily flexible, which not only can be moved casually,but also can be expanded anytime. Mr.Zhu explained that in age of IOT, compared with traditional home automation, IOT home automation could be ragarded as home automation 2.0. “Intelligent home” might be a more precise expression.

What IOT home automation brings us is not only conveniences and new experiences but also very huge force to energy consumption, urban transportation, intelligent environmental protection etc. It is even regarded by some overseas professionals as a slight move in one part which may affect the situation as a whole.According to our”12.5”planning, home automation has been listed clearly and definitely as important development plan.We believe that with vigorous promotion of the government, home automation market will be shuffled rapidly . IOT home autiomation will display powerful vitality.

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