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Great Significance of Smart Home for IOT Industries

2012-05-02 20:25:08发布人:chenjian

With the rising of IOT, smart home industries are paid too much attention. More and more consumers like to make requests from IOT point of view. They hope that smart home are wireless, safe which can be installed by themselves or sensed& controlled by mobile phone. Still some high-end people hope that cloud service could be provided by smart home.

As for the correlations between smart home and IOT, reporters have an interview with relevant principals from smart home leading enterprise---Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology in China.

The principal shows, seeing from people’s living habit, 50% of a person’s time in a day will be at home. Plus the weekend, the proportion will be even higher. The place can be one’s home or hotel. You will stay in this place for a long time during a day. When staying at one place, you can’t avoid interacting with all kinds of facilities in the room, such as door, curtain, light, drawer etc. Long time staying in one place and frequently interacting with inside facilities, meanwhile, security of the family members and important things are focuses which are continuously concerned by consumers. These are main factors why people pay attention to living environment and smart home.

As for why more consumers like making proposals to smart home from IOT point of view. The principal points out that consumers are not treated as god by lots of smart home enterprises. Some old fashioned, transitional products are flooded into the market, even the concepts of some tycoon in traditional home appliance enterprises area are not changed, they still convey some behindhand thinking and solutions. However, a small number of smart consumers have their own judgment, they don’t want to waste time, vigor and money on old fashioned solutions and products. Wide applications of IOT at present are developed in various industries, all kinds of the reports and imagination are overspreading. Smart home has become one of IOT application which is closely concerned by consumers. These fashionable trends impel consumers to observe smart home from IOT point of view. He explains that you can also regard this phenomenon as the charming part of IOT.

He emphasizes that IOT serves for the people in the final analysis, families are not only the most extensive basic element of society, but also the places where people stay for long time. These two factors determine smart home will certainly become the most important application place for IOT.

As a member of Zigbee alliance, globally recognized wireless IOT standard organization, Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd ( always working on developing smart home products which based on IOT standard. These products are welcomed by market for their advancement, usability, security, and reliability. Now, company has become the partner of world top 500 enterprises’ ODM, OEM. At the same time, the company is honored to have the invitation from Zigbee alliance to make proposals for the development and modification of IOT wireless standard. We can forecast, along with the domestic enterprises’ participating in the establishment of global standard, global IOT standard will be blended in more and more Chinese elements.

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