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Wulian Wireless door and window magnetic sensor

Art. No.:WLPN1101013
Product category:传感器


Product introduction:

Wulian Wireless door and window magnetic sensor offers a safety shield for smart home system. No matter where you are, you will not be bothered by intruders.
The body and magnet are installed respectively on two sides of door or window gaps. When the door or window is broken in illegally, regular magnetic field of sensor will be disturbed, and trigger relative alarm devices.

Pretty appearance
Compact size——smallest wireless sensor in marker so far, easy to be hidden for small size, and be harmonious with decoration.
Wireless control——support ZigBee/SmartRoom telecommunication method, wire and cable are needless, don’t have to be annoyed with  wire and cable in a mess.
intellectualized design
High level science and technology——compatible with any smart home devices based on ZigBee/SmartRoom standard.
High Sensitivity——ZigBee/SmartRoom technology adopted,magnetic field can be responded precisely and make self judgment accurately.
Environmental protection and energy efficiency
More energy efficiency——economize technology on electricity  adopted, work only with CR1/2AA 3V security protection batteries.
More environmental protection——3V security and protection battery works for half a year, more carbon is saved.
Wide application
Smart home——common residence, luxury villa
Smart building——school, hotel, bank, commercial center
Others-ware house and factory
Easy installation
wireless——use space with reasonability, make your decoration concisely and pretty.
Product Parameter

Telecommunication method: IEEE802.15.4(ZigBee/SmartRoom)
Bandwidth:2.4-2.4835 GHz
Telecommunication method:50m
Working temperature:-10~50℃
Working humility:95%RH for maximum
Receive current:23 mA
Emission current:33 mA

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