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Wulian Home Wireless Gateway

Wulian Home  wireless gateway is based on ZigBee/SmartRoom network technology design. Equipped with standard Ethernet interface, it can connect ZigBee/SmartRoom network with the LAN or Internet. It is convenient for users to detect and control terminal devices like sensors or controllers in ZigBee/SmartRoom network through mobile phone, tablet, PC or other mobile internet devices.Wireless data transport in speed and safety.The third generation support the WIFI function.

1.ZigBee/SmartRoom device type: Combined Interface
2.Simple structure, easy installation and convenient to use.
3.Save and run the setup by dedicated software

定购信息Ordering Information 产品规格Product Standard
品牌Brand Wulian Home 通信方式Telecommunication Method IEEE802.15.4(ZigBee/SmartRoom)
产品名称Product Name Wulian Home Wireless Gateway   通信距离Telecommunication Distance 1000m(visible)
说明书名称Instruction Book Name Wulian Home Wireless Gateway   网络接入方式 Network access 有线网络/ WiFi / 3G
电源需求Power Supply  5V DC
内部名称Inner Name Wireless Gateway    工作温度Working Temperature  -10℃~+55℃
Transmitting Power
 MAX 18 dBm  
型号Model WH-WD-GW-1
Receiving Sensitivity
 -90 dBm  
货号Art.No. WHPN1311201
  重量Weight  310g  
条码Bar Code 6954913713172
  净重量Net Weight 160g  
包装尺寸Package Size 260 ×160× 40mm   颜色Color  Various color  





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