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Wireless Wall Switch

WL-SFB-A01 is a wireless wall switch based on Zigbee HA standard design.It has excellent wireless linkage function and can be set in any home environment no matter the house is a hundred years old curtilage or brand-new villa. Through simple setting and application, more people can enjoy the superiority brought by WL-SFB-A01 wireless wall switch.

In addition to the smart home automation system,Wireless remote switch can also be applied to the systems like monitoring system, intelligent hospital, wisdom hotel and intelligent building.

 Wireless wall switch
 Wireless wall switch


Working Principle

WL-SFB-A01 wireless wall switch has wireless Zigbee control chips built-in. Light brightness can not only controlled by button from the local, but also can be controlled by gateway terminal devices in wireless Zigbee network. The terminal devices can be mobile phone, tablet, common PC and other mobile devices.

WL-SFB-A01 meets IEEE802.15.4 Zigbee HA protocol standard and is suitable for any Zigbee HA protocol network.

Main Features

ZigBee device type: On/Off Light Switch

Compatible with ZigBee HA protocol

Comply with human engineering design

Compact size and elegant appearance

Simple operation and flexible installation

Multiple colors selected

Technical Parameter

Communication Range
Indoor 50m
Working Voltage
220 V
2.4-2.4835 GHz
Working Humidity
Max 95%RH
Communication Mode
Working Temperature
Standby Current
100 uA
Receiving Current
23 mA
Transmitting Current
33 mA
Loading Target
Incandescent lamp, tungsten halogen lamp
Adjustable electromagnetic low-voltage lamp
Adjustable electronic low-voltage lamp
Loading Ability

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