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Wireless Smart Blind Window

IOT wireless smart blind window can go 0-105 degrees flip according to environment needs.This remote controlled blind can be adjusted casually.

When blade angle is 90 degrees, maximum ventilation effect can be achieved; blade angle 15-25 degrees can prevent outdoor spy; while blage angle close completely,it can block the invasion of heavy rain. Wireless electronic blind window features most with its function of wireless internet of things. From now on, automatic window shades can communicate with smart home devices to bring unexpected conveniences and display miracles.

 Wireless Smart Blind Window



1、Control by wireless internet of things ZigBee technology to casually connect with various sensors such as sensors of sunshine, rain, wind and quality control etc to realize intelligent linkage control.

2、Vigorously rectangular motor is used for different sizes of blind windows.

3、By motor drive, interior light can be adjusted through adjustment of blade angle.

4、Integrated with IOT cloud technology, it can not only sense various states in real time, but also be controled

by mobile phone, tablet and touch panel switch etc anytime and anywhere.


Parameters such as size etc will be determined on the pratical application places.


It is workable for high-end homes,commercial establishments.stadiums and offices etc.

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