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Wireless Repeater

WL-R-A is wireless repeater for assisting IOT network gateway to enlarge coverage area. It is mainly used for the wireless network signal’s spreading and area covering so as to realize the smooth operation for home wireless network.

 IOT Wireless Repeater

Working Principle

WL-R-A IOT wireless repeater can effectively connect with IOT internet communication gateway and Zigbee network devices which are beyond the gateway’s effective coverage area. It can realize the repeater networking itself, enlarge the coverage area and transmit the control command from the gateway so as to reach expected effect on transmission and control.

WL-R-A IOT wireless repeater is free from the network cable. It can build the network by itself, spread network signals and build enormous tree network to realize the smooth operation of the network and ensure the using.

Main Features

Wireless connection without network cable.

Connect with related devices by networking

Strengthen wireless signals and enlarge network coverage area.

Effective coverage range: indoor 50-100m, outdoor 200-300m

Moveable, safe and reliable

Network can be connected all the time and always in on line connection.

Brief interface, convenient for installation and management

Operating environment: -10-50℃

Technical Parameter

Communication Mode
2.4-2.4835 GHz
Working Temperature
Working Humidity
Max 95%RH
Communication Range
Indoor 50m-100m
Outdoor 200m-300m
Status Display
Product Dimension
110 mm *65 mm *50 mm
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