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Wireless Gateway

WL-GW-A IOT wireless gateway or zigbee gateway is based on Zigbee network technology design. Equipped with standard Ethernet interface, it can connect Zigbee network with the LAN or Internet. It is convenient for users to detect and control terminal devices like sensors or controllers in Zigbee network through mobile phone, tablet, PC or other mobile internet devices.

 Internet Communication Gateway

Working Principle

WL-GW-A wireless gateway is a bridge device for connecting Zigbee wireless network signal and Internet network. It can realize the detection and control between Zigbee network devices and internet. WL-GW-A has many advantages, for instance, data transmission is fast and safe, the cost is low, networking is simple and flexible, reliability is high. It overcomes the traditional gateway’s defects like high cost and low transmission speed when many communication standards and transmitting mediums coexist.

Based on many features like low cost, easy control, low power consumption and robust network, WL-GW-A is especially suitable for smart home automation, it is also widely used in IOT fields like industry, automobile automation, agricultural automation and medical equipments. It can realize the management for building automation by remote control.

Main Features

Zigbee device type: Combined Interface

Support CSMA/CA hardware

Access via TCP/IP

Simple structure, easy installation and convenient to use.

LED status indication

Support TCP/IP, DHCP, UDP(Selectable)

Save and run the setup by dedicated software

Zigbee coordinator

Technical Parameter

Work Voltage
12V DC
Communication Range
Indoor 50~100 m
Working Temperature
Working Humidity
Max 95%RH
Emission Intensity
MAX 21 dBm
Product Dimension
130mm x 120mm 30mm

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