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Wireless Electric Curtain Switch

Wireless Electric Curtain Switch is based on ZigBee/SmartRoom technology, using for controlling the opening and closure of curtain. In addition to traditional button operation, it also supports mobile smart terminal control, helping you get rid of the trouble of seeking remote controller blindly.
In addition to smart home, it can be widely used in smart hospital, hotel, building, breeding, etc.

1.Support ZigBee/SmartRoom protocol
2.With switch button to directly to open and close the curtain
3.Support multiple mobile smart terminal to open and close the curtain
4.No need to wire, easy installation, simple operation
5.Multiple decorative covers are offered, help you make personalized life
6.Attention: to achieve the above functions, the device should work together with the automatic curtain appointed by Wulian.

定购信息Ordering Information 产品规格Product Standard
品牌Brand SmartRoom 通信方式Telecommunication Method IEEE802.15.4(ZigBee/SmartRoom)
产品名称Product Name Wireless Electric Curtain Switch   通信距离Telecommunication Distance 100m(visible)
说明书名称Instruction Book Name

Wireless Electric Curtain Switch

  电源需求Power Supply  220V
内部名称Inner Name Wireless Electric Curtain Switch   工作温度Working Temperature  -10℃~+55℃
型号Model     发射功率Transmit Power 10dBm  
货号Art.No.     接收灵敏度
Receive Sensitivity
条码Bar Code 6954913712151   重量Weight    
包装尺寸Package Size 90×70×40mm    净重量Net Weight    




 颜色Color white  

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