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Wireless Bluetooth Gateway

WL-BTWG-21 Wireless Bluetooth gateway is the product which settles network access from wireless to wired. It can create a high speed wireless communication link to local network for buetooth devices including tablet, home appliance, laptop to get the function of local network and internet accessing.

Wireless Bluetooth Gateway

Wireless Bluetooth gateway realize the function of Bluetooth Serial Port Profile, Lan Access Profile and Dial-up Networking Profile. It can provide access service for Bluetooth devices no matter it has realized TCP/IP protocol or not. For Bluetooth devices like tablet and laptop which has realized TCP/IP protocol, Bluetooth gateway can run PPT protocol to communicate with the Bluetooth devices of this kind; For Bluetooth devices which doesn’t realize TCP/IP protocol, Bluetooth gateway can use Bluetooth Serial Port Profile to realize data interaction. Gateway is responsible for data encapsulation complying with TCP/IP protocol specification data so as to achieve the goal of connecting Bluetooth devices to local network and internet.


Easy connection

Allow Bluetooth devices nearby joining to the network rapidly.

Supports various devices

Support various Bluetooth devices including Bluetooth tablet, mobile phone, laptop etc. Meanwhile, it supports the products installed with IOT Bluetooth embedded module inside, like Bluetooth home appliance etc.

Low cost, high speed network access.

Bluetooth operation is on 2.4GHZ ISM waveband which is open worldwide, so it costs little.

Safe, easy installation and management.

Technical parameters


Support point to multipoint, high speed Bluetooth wireless connection

10M/100M self-adaption network

Assign client IP addresses automatically

Support authentication, account management

Support Bluetooth data encryption

Embedded Linux operating system

66MIPS high performance processor

Bluetooth specification

Class 2 / Class 1 Bluetooth module

External antenna

Frequency range is 2.402G~2.480GHz

Realize Bluetooth Profile

Serial Prot Profile

LAN Access Profile

Dial-up Networking Profile

Support client-side devices

All the Bluetooth devices comply with Bluetooth Serial Port Profile , LAN Access Profile or Dial-up Networking Profile, such as PDA, mobile phone, PC and Bluetooth home appliance etc.

Bluetooth protocol stack

Link management, link control, L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM

Support network protocol


IP address allocation

Server IP address allocation

DHCP or manual setting

Client IP address allocation

Assign IP address range or IP address masquerading


User and password setting in gateway


RJ45 connector

10M/100M self-adaption

In Bluetooth gateway, every connected Bluetooth devices will bind with one TCP port in gateway. So, Bluetooth device can be identified uniquely by IP address and port of gateway in LAN or Internet. When Bluetooth device interact with the host in network, gateway will in charge of the transformation between Bluetooth communication protocol and TCP/IP protocol to get data transformation transparently between Bluetooth devices and computer network.

Dimension (Length * Width * Height)
Weight (g)
Input voltage(V)
Input current (mA)
Interlinking consumption (mw)
Transmitting power (mw)
0dbm or 20dbm
Receiving sensitivity (dbm)
Working temperature
Effective transmission range (M)
Working mode
Principal and subordinate
Networking pattern
Transmission rate
Wireless transport protocol
Bluetooth protocol of HCI layer
Revision No.
Interface type
Working frequency range
Way of data interlinking


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