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Wireless Automatic Window Operator

WL-WAC-01 wireless automatic window operator is an automatic windowing device based on IOT wireless technology design. It has particular application values for the large commercial places, intelligent buildings and advanced residences, etc. It’s free from traditional wiring mode and directly uses Zigbee wireless control. It can be not only installed fast, but also is convenient for networking. It can automatically control window’s opening and closing according to the change of the environment, besides, it can be remotely controlled by mobile phone iPad etc.

 Wireless Automatic 	Windowing Device

Main features

Mainly used for opening the skylight/sash window/shutter/high window, it also can be used for opening suspended sash window and vent window.

It is suitable for heavy windows and has the largest push-pull effort among Mingardi which can reach 1000 N.

Main part of the device has the best sealing feature and it can be applied in moist and dusty occasions.

Small bearing surface installed and many accessories installation ways, it is suitable for different operating environment.

Easy installation, it is OK just by powering on.

Technical Parameter

Power Supply
AC220V, DC24V
Rated Power
Pull-push Effort
650N, 800N, 1000N
Control Mode
Running Speed
Route Specification
Route Safeguard
Electronic overload mode
Operating Environment
Working Life
>10 thousand times
Protection Level
Terminal Route
Electronic mode
Appearance Color
Main Part Dimension
160*46*106mm; Body length: (X00+160)mm
Shell Material
Alufer, brighting silver

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