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Wireless Automatic Rolling Door

WL-WCDM-01 wireless automatic rolling door becomes an indispensable standard configuration of the villa garage nowadays. By IOT technology, WL-WCDM-01 becomes an organic ingredient of the smart home, garage is no longer an isolate and unknown separate unit since then. Control is more intelligent, convenient, safer and transparent.

 Wireless Automatic Rolling Door


Intelligence: Control is more flexible, status is more transparent, mobile phone can be regarded as controller and inductor both.

Durability: Motor driving part of the motor rolling door adopts high-grade alloy steel to design, it has durable and efficient characters.

Silent: Sealed assembly to avoid dust invasion of the motor, it is suitable for all places and running without noises.

Safety: Easy to operate the lifting and stop of the door roller, it has booting, braking, switch limiting and anti-reversing and high temperature prevention devices.

Easy to use: Small volume, electricity saving and super strong rolling strength.

Product parameter:

Wireless controller
Single phase motor
220V 50Hz
Motor consumption
Rated current
Lifting height
Motor speed
Weight of the host machine
Self weight gliding

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