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IOT Wireless Irrigation System

Food security has become the most challenging problem in current society. As an important source of the food, agriculture has self-evident function. In order to let more urban dwellers eat healthy vegetable and fruit, more urban consumers use some special areas like balcony and roof in families to plant. This is an only option. These plants are not only let people feel relieved, but also very interesting by using of IOT technology. Because the plants are always around the family area, urban IOT agriculture has become one of the organic part in modern smart home.

IOT wireless irrigation system WL-WWSP-01 is just an advanced technology means to realize healthy planting. Through mobile phone, you can set time schedule of irrigation, single irrigation time, switch on/off the irrigation automatically at regular time. There is no number limitation of the irrigation in everyday, irrigation time can be set freely. It can also realize automatic irrigation by combining with soil temperature and humidity sensor, wireless light sensor. All the setup can be completed by mobile phone, you can change irrigation strategy by no need of coming to the spot. No matter where you are, all irrigation action can be perceived in real time by mobile phone, the course of the irrigation is transparent and can be controlled.

WL-WWSP-01 realizes area irrigation by the same tap for the first time and irrigates by group, area, time, volume. That’s to say, you can group the plant, vegetable, fruit by different characteristics under the same tap. According to the different requirements of irrigation, you can set different irrigation strategies so as to realize personalized irrigation.

By one piece of 9V alkaline battery, WL-WWSP-01 can last for a year. It can be connected with portable sprinkler, buried tap for drop irrigation. You don’t need to worry about the children’s pressing because there is no button on the product. It can be connected with rainfall sensor and can start without pressure.

 IOT Wireless Irrigation System
 IOT Wireless Irrigation System
 IOT Wireless Irrigation System
 IOT Wireless Irrigation System
 IOT Wireless Irrigation System

Applicable places: Roof garden, vegetable garden, balcony, garden of the residence community

Products Parameter:

Communication mode
ZigBee wireless
Communication distance
Power supply
9V Alkaline battery, one piece
Working temperature

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