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IOT Cloud Security Safe

Traditional safe has several defects which set a great challenge for customers’ property and information security all the time. It can not sense risk, the password is easy to be cracked and key is available to be duplicated. In order to meet this challenge, IOT is the first one in the world to push forward the safe WL-CPB-01 which is equipped with cloud security technology.

There is no need of a password keyboard or a key. WL-CPB-01 IOT safe can work simply with a cell phone which is installed with smart home software. Nowadays, IOT dominates our century, it has been a global trend to join the internet of safe and receive cloud security monitoring all the day. Traditional safe which is independent and out of monitoring will be a history.

 IOT Cloud Security Safe


Product Features

1、Adopt wireless ZigBee/SmartRoom HA standard,able to join any standardized IOT smart home system.

2、The actions of “open” or “close” can be reflected to the owner’s cell phone in real time.

3、It is convenient for owners to open the safe by phone for their family members remotely.

4、All the statuses of opening and closing can be recorded in cloud with encryption, including the actions, time, and information of the person who opens it, making it traceable.

5、The appearance of the safe is concise but not simple.

6、Installed with safest encryption technology internally, it is 10 times stronger than current encryption calculation of banks.

7、Resistance to technical opening, double chips design can offer all-dimensional protection when it is being damaged.

8、Resistance to prying: the main body of safe equals to a whole completed steel plate, it is seamless. The resistance to prying is ensured.

9、Resistance to high (low) temperature: able to work under the temperature ranging from -30℃ to 60℃.

10、Fireproofing: overall decoration of fireproofing material inside, enhance its fireproofing performance.

11、NFC-enabled control

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