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Gateway(Ceiling mounted)

Ceiling gateway, is a communication device based on ZigBee / SmartRoom HA protocol. This product provides a standard Ethernet interface, can connect ZigBee / SmartRoom wireless network to the LAN or the Internet.
With ceiling gateway, users can easily control any products based on ZigBee / SmartRoom protocol with various mobile smart terminals to realize wireless data security and reliable transmission. This product is widely used in the networking field, is the core product of ZigBee / SmartRoom network protocol.
The unique ceiling design do not take up space, but also can Integrate decoration perfectly. In addition to the common smart home system,it can also be used in smart building, hospital, hotel, breeding and other systems.



Support ZigBee / SmartRoom HA protocol;
ZigBee / SmartRoom Device Type: Coordinator;
Keep and run setting data with professional software;
Smart join, safe and stable;
Simple structure, easy to use
Stylish design appearance, apply to various places

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