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Wulian Home Wireless PM2.5 Detector (Ceiling Mounted)

Wulian Home Wireless PM2.5 Detector (Ceiling Mounted) is based on ZigBee/SmartRoom technology for detecting the dust concentration of the air by using optical method. PM2.5 means particulate matter with diameter smaller than or equal to 2.5 micrometers in the atmosphere, also known as particulate matter which can go directly to the alveoli. Compared with thicker atmosphere particulate matter, PM2.5 is featured with smaller diameter, full of poisonous and hazardous substances, long duration of stay in the air and farther distance for spread. Therefore, PM2.5 poses a bigger threat to human health and environment quality. The detector can detect the dust of air as well as monitor air quality and distinguish the particulate concentration of different dusts.
The detector can be used widely. In addition to smart home, it can also be applied to smart building, municipal engineering, breeding, factory and other places.

1.Support ZigBee/SmartRoom protocol
2.ZigBee/SmartRoom device type: repeater
3.Stable operation, accurate data monitor
4.Ceiling mounted design, save space as much as possible

定购信息Ordering Information 产品规格Product Standard
品牌Brand Wulian Home 通信方式Telecommunication Method IEEE802.15.4(ZigBee/SmartRoom)
产品名称Product Name Wulian Home Wireless PM2.5 Detector (Ceiling Mounted)   通信距离Telecommunication Distance 100m(visible)
说明书名称Instruction Book Name

Wulian Home Wireless PM2.5 Detector (Ceiling Mounted)

内部名称Inner Name Wireless PM2.5 Detector (Ceiling Mounted)      
型号Model WH-WPMD-01   电源需求Power Supply 220V  
货号Art.No. WHPN1311620   工作温度Working Temperature -10℃~+55℃  
条码Bar Code  6954913735419   重量Weight    
包装尺寸Package Size      净重量Net Weight    




 颜色Color White  

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