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Wireless Temperature Sensor

WL-TH-01 is a temperature  humidity monitor based on Zigbee HA standard design. It is used for detecting indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity and sending out detected data to control center via wireless network.

Because of the wireless communication, it doesn’t need any wiring for installation. It only needs 2 AAA batteries to support the power. It can be mounted on the wall or placed anywhere in the room. Users don’t need to operate the device, it can automatically send all the required data to control center. Temperature and humidity data can be displayed on control center, meanwhile, users can browse the data from internet.

 Wireless Temperature Sensor

Main Features

Zigbee device type: Temperature Sensor

Fully compatible with IEEE 802.15.4 standard

High accuracy +/- 0.5℃, +/- 4.5%RH

Indoor and outdoor types available

Dust cover available for outdoor type

Compact size and lower power consumption

Low battery alert

Technical Parameter

 Communication Range:
50 m indoor
Working Voltage:
Two AAA batteries
Detection Mode:
Temperature Range
Humidity Range:
Transmitting Current:
<40 mA
Receiving Current:
<40 mA
Standby Current:
<2 uA
Temperature: +/- 0.1; Humidity: +/- 1%
Product Dimension:
80mm x 70mm x 30mm


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