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Wireless Sound and Light Alarm

Wireless Sound and Light Alarm can be connected with a wide variety of security sensor based on ZigBee/SmartRoom technology . When a sensor detects anomalies, the product can be timely to send a message together with sound and light alarm signal to the mobile intelligent terminal.

Due to the nature of the sound and light, this product can not only send alarm information, and will not ignite a flammable and explosive gas. It has high security value and can be widely used with a variety of places, such as bank security, smart home, wisdom Hotel, wisdom buildings, government offices, shops and so on.


Main Features

ZigBee/SmartRoom technology,it can network automatically linked with the various types of security sensors to achieve a control multi-purpose

Compact design is suitable for various occasions

Linkage of various types of security facilities, timely and effective response

Low-power operation, low-carbon energy

Strong anti-jamming capability

when man-made destruction, the alarm information can be sent timely.

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