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Wireless Solar Infrared Electronic Fence

WL-PBD-SE-60 is a wireless solar infrared electronic fence based on Zigbee HA standard design. It has photoelectric beam detector built in. Using solar technology, it is not only saving the energy and protecting the environment, but also safe and reliable and with low maintenance cost. Moreover, it uses Zigbee technology, which fully meets IEEE802.15.4 Zigbee HA protocol standard and is suitable for any Zigbee protocol network.

 Wireless Solar Infrared Electronic Fence

Main features

1.Solar powered and maintenance is simple.

2.Easy installation: Wireless communication without any wiring and convenient for rapid deployment.

3.Covert defense: Invaders will trigger the alarm unconsciously.

4.Overall defense around: No blind area and dead corner.

5.Good defense ability: Invaders can’t pass the defense area by quickly jumping, creeping or other actions for it has invisible infrared defense beam net in the area.

6.Good anti-interference ability: When insects or other small animals pass the infrared defense beam net, the device will not alarm as the infrared guard beam can’t be fully blocked.

7.Rigorous anti-destroyed ability: When power line or signal wire from infrared receiver side is cut, alarm signal output circuit will output wireless alarm signals automatically.

8. Can work all days: Photoelectric Beam Detector can resist adverse weather interference.

Technical parameter

Alert Distance(Outdoor)
Beam No.
2 beams
Detection Mode
2 beams blocked simultaneously
Light Source
Infrared digital pulse beams
Response Speed
Alarm Output
Wireless RF alarm signal
Power Supply
Solar power chargeable lithium battery
≦0.4mA transmitting, ≦0.4mA receiving
RF Frequency
RF Transmission
Up to 120m in the open space
Operating Temperature and Humidity
-25℃-55℃    5%-95%RH(relative humidity)
Refer to the diagram
Rechargeable Current of the Solar Panel
≥1mA(under 1600Lx) (under normal cloudy weather>2000Lx)
Optical Axis Adjustment(H,V)
Anti-dew and Frost
Heating cover (optional)
PC Resin
Net Weight
1000g (transmitter + receiver)

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