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Wireless Smoke (fire) Detector (ceiling type)

WL-FD-B wulian wireless smoke (fire) detector for detecting air in the smoke ion concentration, and when it exceeds the safety threshold, the product can send alarm information to the mobile control terminal. At the same time, it is also possible linkage related equipment,open smart valves, doors, windows, exhaust fans and other emergency treatment to prevent danger to expand.

The product has quick response about visible smoke produced by a slow burning or combustion

It is appropriate for homes, hospitals, buildings (such as office buildings, shopping malls), hotels and other indoor environmental smoke monitoring.


Main Features

Compatible with ZigBee/SmartRoom HA protocol

Wireless design,ease of use

Ceiling design simplifies installation and deployment process

Compact appearance is suitable for a variety of environments

Low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection

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