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Wireless People Counter

In the competitive commerical market today, effective commerical administration has become an important factor for commerical marketing success and failure.Business mode has gradually moved from tranditional passive waiting mode to market demand responding mode. Business administrators are required more based on these,they must make quick responses within the shortest period according to the slight change of the market and grasp market discipline at all times and predicate the tendency. Meanwhile, they must make market daily operating decision more scientific, adding comfort for shopping environment and enhancing rationality for human resources allocation on premise of saving business operation cost at maximum.

The most obvious feature of the market principle is  visitor counter and flow directions. How to analyse people flow and flow directions from time and space in a scientic and effective way? And how to make rapid opearting decisions? These become indispensible key parts in marketing mode of the modern business and retail business.It plays a critical role in guiding consumers to allocate consumers resources reasonably and promote market competitiveness.

Function of IOT Wireless People Counter(WL-WPL-01)

You can know whether the entry and exit are set reasonablely or not from statistics of people flow and flow directions in each entry and exit;

Reasonable allocation for consumer resources according to the statistics on people flow status in each floor;

Estimate the rationality of the marketing and promotion strategies by comparing people flow in different periods;

Allocate property management,maintainance personnel and security staff in a more effective way according to the change of the people flow;

Regulate power and human resources in a reasonable way and control running costs for shopping mall according to the number of stranded peoples in shopping mall;

Enhance the efficiency for marketing and promotion according to the buy rate of the people flow;

It can play a guarding role in special periods and areas to avoid property losses;

Calculate average consumption ability for people flow;

Objectively determined rent level for the counter and stores;

Estimate and optimize the advertisement and promotion budget;

WL-WPL-01 is smart in size and has simple installation. Counter uses lithium batteries to supply(batteries can last more than one year), data can be sent in wireless way and it is free from the wiring;

Data can be collected and analysed by software, it can generate the data report in any periods according to the needs,for instance,by the hour,day, week, month and year to generate the diagram, data can be derived and generating the report directly;

 Wireless People Flow &Flow Direction Counter

Product function:

Count:Record the population number pass the test area;

Direction judgement:Automatically judge people’s direction in or out when they pass the test area;

Timing taking: Automatically record the time that people pass the test area;

Networking:Wireless self-ad hoc network;

Communication method: Wireless Zigbee without any wiring;

Data on stock: Counter offline can store two-way population up to 999999 automatically, it will automatically save the data to the cloud after network is connected;

Data security: Transmission and storage all use advanced encrpytion technical to ensure the security for business confidentiality;

Direction setup: User can set the direction according to the practical situation;

Data display: People flow information can be displayed in real time by mobile phone/background management software;

Scope of application:

It is suitable for public places like in business, recreational and sports aspects, entertainment, station etc;

Business places: Shopping mall, marketplace, chain store, supermarket,pharmacy etc;

Recreational and sports activities places: Museum,park,exhibition,library,scenic spot etc;

Entertainment places: Wine bar, park,theatre,internet bar etc;

Public places: Hospital,airport,railway station, passenger terminal etc;

Technical parameter:

Power supply mode
Data on stock
Counter offline can store two-way population up to 999999
Count range
Access time
Width detection
Distance detection
Space detection
Working temperature
Response speed
≤100 millisecond
Communication method
ZigBee Wireless
Installation method
Wall mounted

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