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Wireless Parking Sensor

As rapid development of auto industry, parking in the city becomes a difficult problem. Strained parking is only one aspect, a more crucial problem is that parking lot and real-time parking information are non-transparent, it means that car owners don’t know free parking places nearby.

Parking places become scarce resources for the drivers near the destination.

Intelligent  parking sensor system  is an effective approach to solve this problem, it can take advantage of limited resources of parking lots and reduce labor cost to the maximum. Wireless parking sensor is a key device to achieve this purpose, it can reduce the cost and build real-time parking system, intelligent parking place guide system, free and real-time city parking delivery system etc.

WL-WPCD-01 wireless parking sensor uses IOT technology, no matter it is a new constructed parking lot or an existing one, there is no need to arrange the wire and intellectualized upgrade can be rapidly completed in large scale.

 Wireless Parking Sensor

Main features

IOT technology, easy installation and deployment;

Industrial grade design, it is suitable for all kinds of severe environment;

It is used for detecting vehicle in garage and parking place;

Use wireless IOT technology, 65,000 sensors can be connected at maximum;

Service condition: Can be installed at the top of the parking lot( range: 1.0m to3.5m);

Technical Parameter

Communication mode
Communication distance
Product specification
Diameter: 100*25(mm)
Physical principle
Sensing range
Maximum distance error
Working voltage
Environmental temperature
Working temperature
-20℃ to 65℃ 
Storage temperature
-40℃ to 85℃
Working Humidity
30-90% (relative humidity)

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