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Wireless Light Sensor

WL-ID-01 is a wireless light sensor based on Zigbee HA standard design. It is mainly used for detecting light intensity of the environment and sending out regulating command automatically according to the light intensity and preset parameter and then linking the devices like light control, curtain, motor, electromagnetic valve and switch.

WL-ID-01 features with simple installation, low power consumption etc. It doesn’t need any wiring and the whole installation process will not exceed 1 minute. Equipped with the latest electricity saving technology, WL-ID-01 can work normally about two years just by two AA batteries.

Moreover, WL-ID-01 has excellent compatibility. It fully complies with IEEE802.15.4 Zigbee HA standard and is suitable for any kind of the Zigbee HA protocol network.

 Wireless Light Sensor

Main Features:

Compact size and flexible installation

Reasonable shell structure design and long service life

Good security

High accuracy measurement and good stability

Long transmission range and strong anti-interference ability

Scope of Application:

It can be widely applied to many aspects like smart home automation, green house, laboratory, cultivation, building, industrial building to detect the light intensity.

Technical parameter

Communication Range
Communication Mode
Light Range
Response Time
Environmental Temperature
Φ85mm x 80mm

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