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Wireless IR Motion Detector

WL-MD-A wireless infrared motion detector&sensor   is a new intrusion prevention system product based on Zigbee HA standard design. In normal condition, human body infrared ray can be detected in real time if someone illegally breaks in within the range of 6 meters from the detector, then detector can send out wireless alarm signal to the host to realize detection task.

WL-MD-A wireless IR Motion Detector applies wireless communication technology and doesn’t need any wiring. Moreover, it has powerful hidden ability and is not easy to be damaged when used in monitoring sites.

 Zigbee Wireless IR Motion Sensor

Main Features

High sensitivity and superior SNR

High stability for temperature changes

Powerful anti-interference ability, for instance, the interference from vibration or RF

Low power consumption and good hidden ability

Superior cost performance

Technical Parameter

Working Power:
three 1.5 V AA batteries or 12 V DC
Detection Type:
Motion Detection
Communication Mode:
Detection Mode:
Passive Infrared
Detection Coverage:
Radius 6 m, 120 Degree Angle
Installation Height:
2.5 meters
Standby Current:
0.8 uA
Emission Current:
30 MA
Initial Time:
30 ~ 60 seconds
Communication Range:
Working Temperature:
-10 ~ 50
Working Humidity:
Max. 95% RH
Product Dimension:

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