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Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera

Visible to see is always the basic needs of smart home. Although traditional DVR and wireless home security camera can meet the demand by modern family to a certain extent, it still has a big disparity for people’s requirements on IOT smart home. In order to meet people’s anticipation, IOT takes the lead in pushing out WL-WSHC-01 smart home camera in global which integrates with wireless IOT technology. The camera not only has all traditional network camera’s function, but also blends in smart home technology and cloud technology. Concern can be seen and perception becomes three-dimensional, holographic since then.

 Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera


Easy installation: Wireless mode; installation is easy and flexible; it doesn’t need to arrange video cable and network cable.

Simple to use: Integrate with the latest IOT technology; complicated camera configuration is omitted; can be used just by powering on.

Visible status: Device status of the concerned smart home and video image can be displayed synchronously.

Technical parameter:

Support ZigBee technology; can be connected with all ZigBee HA products easily.

Support IEEE 802.11b/g WiFi wireless network.

Support mobile phone’s real time monitoring, video playback.

Support SD card recording and capturing.

Built-in infrared lamp; support capturing, recording, viewing at night.

Support motion detection alarming, recording.

Support two-way voice talkback.

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