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Wireless Glass Break Detector

WL-GBS-A Wireless Glass Break Detector, used to detect glass break, can send alarm signals to the smart mobile terminal. Featuring ZigBee/SmartRoom protocol compatibility, it can be easily installed without wiring.

 Wireless Glass Break Detector

Function Features:

Based on Sound analysis technology of the microprocessor

All wireless links, convenient to install

Automatically identify different voices to judge the break event

Interference-free ambient noise filter circuit to ensure the lowest rate of false alarm

WL-G-A series adopt voice analysis technology to monitor glass break related specific frequency. Sound of ordinary glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and wired glass all can be detected. Under the noisy condition, the built-in interference-free ambient noise filter circuit keeps the rate of false alarm to a minimum. In addition, round shape makes it suitable to install on the wall or the top ceiling.

Product Specification(s):

Model No.
Communication Method
Communication Distance
Standby Current
4 uA
Power Supply
AA Battery
Working Temperature
Grey, White
Installation Method
Wall / Ceiling Mounted

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