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Wireless Flow Meter

WL-WLD-01series wireless flow meter belongs to velocity type flow meter which based on moment balance principle. It features with  flow sensors simple structure, light weight, high accuracy, good reproducibility, sensitive reaction, easy installation and maintenance. And it’s widely used in many industries like smart industry, smart agriculture, smart environment protection and smart home. It’s really an ideal device in flow measurement and energy saving.

WL-WLD-01 wireless flow meter equipped with IOT wireless gateway are suitable for measuring liquids without impurities like fiber and particle in closed pipelines and it doesn’t corrode with stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 2Cr13 and corundum Al2O3 and hard alloy. It can realize the function of quantitative control, excessive alarm, historical curve, energy consumption detection by wireless gateway. Moreover, it can realize remote monitoring and control by your mobile phone at anytime and anywhere.

Anti-explosion mode of the product can be used in potential explosion environment. WL-WLD-01 wireless flow meter is suitable for the medium which the viscosity is less than 5×106m2/s under working temperature, for the liquid which viscosity is more than 5×10-6m2/s, you need to conduct liquid calibration for sensors before using.

Customers can negotiate for the order if special sensors are needed. If you need anti-exploration type of the sensor, please explain it in the order.

 Wireless Flow Meter


The sensor is hard alloy thrust bearing type, which can not only ensure the precision and enhance the abrasion resistance, but also features with simple and firm structure and easy disassembly.

Technical parameter:

Transmission mode
Transmission distance
Indoor 50M,outdoor 100M
Power supply mode
Batteries powered(4×AA battery)
Medium temperature
Environmental temperature
Electric current

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