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Wireless Flammable Gas Detector

WL-GD-A01 series can detect the concentration of the particular flammable gas in the air. When the concentration reaches the preset value, the detector will send out alarm. Moreover, the detector is equipped with temperature sensor inside for detecting the temperature in the air. When temperature exceeds 65℃, it will send out alert. Also, it can bind with alarm devices and send out wireless signals to activate the alarm when it is triggered.

 Wireless Flammable Gas Detector

Main Features:

Zigbee device type: IAS Zone

Match up with CIE alarm devices

Compatible with Zigbee HA protocol

Equipped router with temperature sensor for detecting the temperature

Reliable operation, stable performance and low false alarm rate

Patent design, compact size, light weight and elegant appearance

Has drifting and automatic tracking compensation function

Strong anti-interference ability and automatic sensitivity adjustment

Has self-diagnostic function

Technical Parameter:

Communication Mode
Band width
2.4-2.4835 GHz
Working Temperature
Working Humidity
Max 95%RH
Communication Range
Status Display
Siren Volume
Working Voltage
Product Dimension
D92mm × H50mm


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