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Wireless Door Magnetic Sensor

WL-DWS-01 is a wireless door/window magnetic sensor which also called burglar wireless alarm based on Zigbee HA standard design. Wireless alarm sensors’  main body and the magnetic part are installed respectively at two sides of the door or window and it will send alarm signals when the door or window is opened illegally.

 Wireless Door Magnetic Sensor

WL-DWS-01 features with easy installation, low power consumption etc. It doesn’t need any wiring. Equipped with the latest electricity saving technology, it can work more than half a year just by CR1/2AA/ 3V battery.

Meanwhile, WL-DWS-01 has a good compatibility which can meet IEEE802.15.4 Zigbee HA protocol and it is suitable for any Zigbee HA protocol network.

Main Features

Zigbee device type: IAS Zone.

Easy installation: wireless communication, embedded installation and it doesn’t need any wiring.

Compact size: the smallest wireless sensor in the market at present.

Energy saving: it can work more than half a year just by 3V security battery.

Open compatibility: it is compatible with any smart home automation system based on Zigbee HA standard.

Technical Parameter

Working Power Supply:
1/2AA,3V battery
Communication Range:
50 m
Communication Mode:
2.4-2.4835 GHz
Receiving Current:
33 mA
Emission Current:
33 mA
Standby Current:
0.8 uA
Working Temperature:
Working Humidity:
Max 95%RH
Reed Switch Trigger:
Close: >20mm
Open: <15mm
Main Part:
L:54.5 W:37.5 H:19.6
Magnetic Part:
32.5mm × 11.9mm × 10.5mm

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