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Wireless Cloud Body Weight Meter

WL-IWW-01 IOT wireless cloud body weight meter  compared with common digital weighing scale  is a kind of new product based on Zigbee technology design. The product can support wireless network and provide cloud service to get the effect of weighing, recording, reminding and source tracing. To some specific applications, WL-IWW-01 IOT wireless cloud body weight meter couldn’t be replaced by ordinary body weight meter.

 wireless cloud accounting weight

WL-IWW-01 IOT wireless cloud body weight meter has unique function of cloud storage, it can be applied to any living environment. By simple setting and application, users could feel the conveniences and happiness brought by cloud storage, sharing and memory.

In addition to smart home system, WL-IWW-01 IOT wireless cloud body weight meter can also be widely applied to such area as intelligent hospital, wisdom hotel, smart gym, intelligent building, wisdom camp etc. It has special meaning for healthy experience, infant’s growing and monitoring, healthy recording of the family.

Technical parameters


Transmission mode
Stainless metal sticky contacts of accounting weight
four dot mode
Weight indication
LCD digital display
Weighing range
Panel material
thickening toughened glass, can safely bear 2 tons weight
Special function
cloud storage
diameter 33CM

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