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Wireless Carbon Dioxide Sensor

WL-AQD-A01 wireless co2 sensor  is a new product based on Zigbee HA standard design. It is especially used for detecting indoor CO2 concentration in the air and sending the signal to the control center.

Install WL-AQD-A01 wireless carbon dioxide detector in the bedroom, it can detect relevant data for CO2 , temperature, humidity, VOC etc, it can also control the devices to ensure a fine living environment.

 Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Main Features

Detect the parameter for the various indoor air, such as CO2,temperature, humidity and VOC.

Compact size and low price.

Control devices like air condition automatically.

Technical parameter

Working Temperature Range
-10 ~ 50
Working Humidity Range
0 ~ 95%RH
Storing Temperature Range
-20 ~ 60
Power Input
Battery 12V
Current Consumption
Average value is 50mA, peak value is 300mA
75W x 120H x 22D (mm)
Detection Mode
Detection Range
0~2,000ppm / 0~5,000ppm / 0~10,000ppm(optional)
Detecting Accuracy
±30ppm±5% Reading data(0 ~ 50
Sampling time
3 sec
Response time (90%)
≤ 30 sec
Measuring range
-20 ~ 60
Detection Range
0 ~ 95%RH
Detection Gas
TVOC, HC etc
Detection Mode
Semiconductor Technology 

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