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Wireless Ammonia Gas Detector

WL-AQA-A01 wireless ammonia detector is a IOT sensor which is based on Zigbee technology design. The product is mainly used for detecting ammonia gas concentration in the air and sending out the signals to the cloud or designated devices, such as mobile phone, tablet, PC etc. Meanwhile, the product can also link with other control devices(exhaust system etc.) according to the monitoring result.

The product has little interference to CO, H2, CO2, SiH4, it can be widely applied to aquaculture, animal husbandry, agriculture, petroleum, chemical industry and green industry. Wireless transmission, compact size and light weight, it has a wide application, moreover, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor environment etc.

 Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Product Parameter:

Measuring Range
0-100 ppm
Max. Load
Working Life
Two years in the air
Temperature Range
-10℃ to 40
Pressure Range
Atmospheric Pressure
Response Time(T 90)
< 50 seconds
Humidity Range
15-90 %RH(Non-condensed)
Zero Output
Max Zero Drift(20℃to 40℃)
-8 ppm
Long Term Drift
<5%/ Six Months
Recommended Load value
Transmission Mode
Transmission Range
Bias Voltage
No need

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