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Wireless Air Quality Detector(Ceiling type)

Based on ZigBee/SmartRoom wireless technology,WL-AQD-A02 wireless air quality detector can be used for detecting temperature and humidity of environment or concentration of certain gases in the air, such as carbon dioxide, harmful gases etc. It can remind users to control the environment, it can also link relevant sensors automatically or open, close the door, window, air condition, humidifier etc.

The product has high performance and reliability, which can be widely applied to smart home, wisdom hospital, wisdom building, smart breeding, smart agriculture, smart hotel etc.

 Wireless Air Quality Detector(Ceiling type)

Function features:

Use advanced ZigBee/SmartRoom wireless technology; flexible networking; unlimited extension.

Support ceiling installation; easy installation.

Brand new design, elegant appearance, it can be blended in all kinds of decoration.

Stable performance, sensitivity could be adjusted automatically.

Powerful anti-interference ability, it will not be influenced by external disturbance when it works.

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