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Sound Control Sensor(Ceiling type)

Use ZigBee/SmartRoom wireless technology, sound control sensor can convert the command sent by the voice to wireless signal by internal sound switch mode so that it can implement sound control operation to relevant facilities and realize the alternation of all kinds of indoor scenes.

Because of its simple operation, it replaces all kinds of traditional switches and remote controllers to a great extent. Therefore, it has wide application, it can be used in smart home, wisdom building, smart building, smart hotel etc.

 Sound Control Sensor(Ceiling type)

Function Features:

Can be compatible with ZigBee/SmartRoom HA protocol, easily be extended, flexible networking.

Wireless installation, ceiling type design, simple operation.

Transform all kinds of scenes by sound command only.

Speech recognition level is high, non-authorized officer can’t operate.

Powerful anti-interference ability, it can recognize sound command of authorized users exactly.

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