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IOT Wireless Noise Detector

As people’s requirements on life and work environment improve further, noise becomes an indispensible rigid index in modern healthy life. Because most of the noises, especially serious noises which affect the rest and sleep quality, are not happened ceaselessly in 24 hours of a day. Some noises only appear at night in certain periods that environment monitoring department can’t capture the records in time. On the one hand, noise sources escape effective supervision, on the other hand, living quality of the people declines, social contradictions and dissatisfaction aggravate.

Confront many noise problems brought by urbanization, IOT sensor takes the lead in pushing out IOT full real time wireless noise detector in global. WL-WNS-01 wireless noise detector combines IOT technology, cloud technology, mobile internet technology, solar technology; monitors noisy data in the area you are interested in 24 hours daily in real time; provides the guarantee for customers to select site, take the evidence and fix the position; provides the basis for environment monitoring department to monitor, track and confirm the noise source. By means of combining IOT wireless noise detector and electronic map, noise data of the whole city can be released in real time, which provides new decision basis for city management.

 IOT Wireless Noise Detector


Communication mode: Wireless ZigBee

Communication distance: 100 meter ( Visual range)

Main function(Frequency weighted and time weighted) and performance comply IEC

651,TYPE1 standard A and C frequency weighted processing.

30~130dB, three gears change over, resolution: 0.1dB

Capacitive microphone ensures high precision and long-term stability.

Built-in variable resistance is demarcated to use.

Peak value keeping function can transmit peak value to the cloud in real time

Power source: Solar power

All the components used are processed by waterproof and anti-corrosive technology, which are durable in use.

Compact size, light weight, simple and flexible installation.

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