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Current Detection Socket

WL-ICS-A02 is a socket which can be remotely controlled to manage the current, voltage, power and quantity of electricity. When connected to the electrical equipment, the socket can detect the electrical parameters like load current of the current electrical equipment etc. According to the current value detected and so on, it can estimate working condition of the electrical equipment. Meanwhile, it can monitor and manage home energy consumption in real time by coordinating with mobile smart home software.

Current Detection Socket


Use ZigBee wireless communication technology, comply with HA protocol

Can detect the current, voltage, power, quantity of electricity parameters etc.

Support smart energy comsumption management

Have manual/remote switch function

Built-in router function

Support overcurrent protection function

Easy installation and usage

Support cloud computing, can be controlled and managed by mobile phone, tablet, computer etc.

Product parameter:

Communication mode
Wireless ZigBee HA
Power supply voltage
110~220 VAC 50/60 Hz
Detection range
Voltage: [110~220 VAC], current [0 ~ 10A]
Communication range
50 m
Working temperature
Working humidity
Max 95%RH
Rated power

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